Clean Slate Energy


Offering engineering design, analysis, and consulting for:

        Solar Thermal DHW/Space Heating Systems


        Solar Photovoltaic Systems      

        Anaerobic Digestion Systems       


        BioChar Soil Amendment / Carbon Sink

        Distributed Energy Generation/ Grid Stability

        Wastewater/Grey Water Alternatives

Certified Nest Thermostat installer and supplier for

Western Colorado  including Aspen, Cabondale, Paonia,

Montrose, Telluride


Contact: Clean Slate Energy

             Paonia, CO

Phone: 303-601-0087



Using the sun to displace Fossil Fuel consumption

Fossil Fuels are a finite set of resources.  With elegant design you don’t have to rely on coal or gas for your heating or electrical needs.  Why not go solar and leave supply and cost issues behind?